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BWG History

BWG Foods UC is part of BWG Group, a leading retail and wholesale distribution company operating in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The Group is a long established wholesale and retail company in the Irish Grocery Trade and was originally formed by the amalgamation of four independent wholesale companies in the 1970’s.

BWG was originally part of the Brooks Watson Group before being acquired by Irish Distillers in the 1980’s. The BWG Group was acquired from the French drinks company Groupe Pernod Ricard in August 2002 following a management buy-out which was supported by Electra Partners, the London based venture capital company. The management buyout was led by leading Irish businessman Leo Crawford. In October 2006, Triode Investments Ltd. a company controlled by Leo Crawford, John Clohisey and John O’Donnell completed the purchase of BWG Group from Electra.

The completion of the deal in 2006 secured the long-term growth and expansion of the business and returns BWG to local management ownership following extended periods under the control of third party shareholders.

    In Ireland BWG operates a number of Business Divisions:

  • 1. BWG Foods UC
    1. a. BWG Foods Retail Division
    2. b. BWG Foods Wholesale Division
    3. c. BWG Wines & Spirits
  • 2. BWG Property (Triode Newhill)
    In the UK BWG owns and operates:

  • 1. Appleby Westward