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Every EUROSPAR supermarket across Ireland is supporting a chosen charity in their local community. Stores are raising funds through donation boxes located within each local EUROSPAR supermarket, as well as through various activities and fundraisers during the year. Additionally, every EUROSPAR supermarket is donating 1 cent per unit of selected SPAR Own Brand products sold throughout their stores. With the support of EUROSPAR shoppers, we can continue to support local charities in local communities, enhancing the services they provide.

‘Defibrillator at every EUROSPAR’ Project

The Defibrillator at every EUROSPAR Supermarket initiative can potentially mean the difference between life and death. Having a defibrillator in a public space ensures that people within that community know where to find one when an emergency occurs. Funds for the Defibrillator at every EUROSPAR Supermarket initiative were raised from the sale of a selection of SPAR Range products, through in-store donation as well as community fund-raising activities and contributions.

When a heart stops beating from cardiac arrest every second counts. The chances of recovery are reduced by 7 – 10% after each 60 seconds. Effective CPR coupled with the use of a defibrillator within the first 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest can produce survival rates in the 49-75% range. This is the significance of the new ‘Defibrillator at every EUROSPAR’ initiative for each community in Ireland served by a EUROSPAR supermarket.

The ‘Defibrillator at every EUROSPAR’ initiative provides a clear message for EUROSPAR shoppers of the support for this nationwide cause that is focused, in a very tangible way, on saving lives in their local community.

EUROSPAR Ireland is celebrating their nationwide community initiative, which now provides a Defibrillator at every EUROSPAR Supermarket in Ireland for the use of the local community served by that supermarket, many in communities not previously serviced by a defibrillator.