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We may have international heritage, but we think very locally. All of our supermarkets are locally owned – your EUROSPAR store owner is usually a longstanding member of the community. We also support local suppliers and producers and make every effort possible to deliver the best quality, freshest foods to our customers.

We call ourselves the ‘SuperEasy Supermarket’ because we are:

  • Easy to get to – many of our stores are located on the outskirts of towns and have free parking.
  • Easy to get around – our stores are designed to be open, bright, modern and easy to shop in. In fact, we like to use the goldilocks’ analogy that our stores are not too big, not too small, but just right!
  • Easy to find help – customer service is one of our pillars of success. If you have a question, there will be a friendly face to help you out.
  • Easy to save money – with our EUROSPAR SuperEasy rewards, our range of special offers, own brand value and great everyday low prices, it’s easy to save in EUROSPAR.
  • Easy to get everything you need – whether you’re feeding a large family or just need the basics, then EUROSPAR is the place to go.