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SPAR customers in Tralee are the first in the country to access new dual pricing rewards system

Byrne’s SPAR stores in Oak Park and Monavalley are the first SPAR stores in the country to begin offering customers a brand new rewards programme My SPAR Rewards Club, with those signing up paying less on certain products as part of a dual-pricing rewards system, the first of its kind in Ireland. The launch took place today in-store at SPAR Oak Park and SPAR Monavalley and also at the IT Tralee student market day, highlighting the lack of age restrictions associated with the innovative programme.

My SPAR Rewards Club is based on instant rewards and no minimum age criteria – also firsts in the food retail sector in Ireland – and shoppers can expect to save as much as 50 percent on dual-priced products spanning all categories, from deli to fresh foods, in addition to regular promotions and discount offers.

Malachy Hanberry, Sales & Retail Advisory Services Director, BWG Foods (owners and operators of the SPAR brand) said “With My SPAR Rewards Club there will be no points, no paper and no waiting. We wanted our rewards programme to reflect our convenience model so shoppers will start benefitting the minute they join up. We are delighted that Louis Byrne, Retailer Chair of our SPAR Council, is leading the way in his stores with the launch of this innovative programme. We wish Louis and his staff well with the programme and I have no doubt that their customers will enjoy even more rewarding shopping locally.”

Louis Byrne and his team launched the initiative in-store at SPAR Oak Park and SPAR Monavalley. Store staff also hosted a stand at IT Tralee’s Student Market Day where they were on hand to sign people up as well as offer promotional freebies and competitions.

Louis Byrne said: “I’m delighted to be able to offer my customers such a rewarding loyalty programme. This isn’t one of those programmes where you have to clock up points over a number of months, and wait to receive a voucher. These rewards are instant, they are substantial, and they are across a wide variety of products. We are expecting a very positive take-up of the programme and look forward to rewarding our customers’ loyalty”.

The My SPAR Rewards Club card will double-up as a store debit/savings card meaning customers can top-up in-store or online to eliminate the need for cash, or use it as a savings tool for occasions such as Christmas. Other benefits will include ‘linked offers’ at participating stores e.g., buy 5 coffees, get 6th one free and third party rewards based on partnerships with other business and suppliers at both national and store level. Members will, in addition to exclusive access to draws and competitions, receive offers based on their own shopping preferences.

There will also be a new free SPAR app to accompany My SPAR Rewards Club, allowing customers to get information about offers available at their local SPAR and across the national network.

BWG Foods has partnered with Payback Loyalty Systems to rollout the technology to stores around the country with plans to be fully operational in up to 200 locations by year end. Customers can sign-up in-store or online at and they will be able to avail of in-store rewards for up to 28 days before registering.

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