Protecting our Environment

We have a responsibility to protect our environment through our actions, practices, and relationships. We have made significant advancements through our Sustainable Transport, Energy Usage and Waste Management strategies.

Our Fleet

BWG Foods operates one of the most sustainable delivery fleets in Ireland through the adoption of innovative renewable solutions and new practices, breaking new ground within the industry.

• Our low carbon delivery fleet includes 32 HGV vehicles, combining Biogas, Compressed Natural Gas and Electric powered vehicles.

•We have reduced our CO₂ emissions by 22% on all CNG vehicles and by 90% on our Biofueled vehicles compared to the equivalent Euro VI Diesel model. We have achieved zero tail pipe emissions from our electric vehicles, all of which are charged at our NDC facility.

Sustainable Retail Development

As well as our commitment to innovation in our own operations, BWG Foods believes in supporting our retailers in their environmental journey through continued investment and resources dedicated to sustainable retail development.

The Furey Smyth EUROSPAR Group, a network of eight prominent EUROSPAR Supermarkets, completed a major €2 million investment programme to significantly improve the environmental sustainability of its supermarket stores across Ireland. 

They have invested in solar panel installations across all feasible locations, along with €1.4 million in the complete overhaul of its expansive refrigeration infrastructure which extends to over 100 refrigeration units. 

To-date, the group has seen a 40% decrease in energy usage, at a time when electricity prices have reached a record high.

Food Waste

Food waste is a significant contributor to climate change and at BWG Foods, along with a number of strategic partners, we are dedicated to both preventing food waste and diverting food waste from landfill where possible. We have several food waste management programmes in place with FSM (Food Surplus Management) for disposal of non-consumable food into green energy.

Origin Green

BWG is a verified member of the Origin Green Programme for Retail and Foodservice since 2020. We are committed to pursuing sustainable business practices across our business network. The business has developed a sophisticated and comprehensive sustainability plan, which includes measurable targets around initiatives that will contribute positively to the environment, and to the local communities in which BWG and our retailers operate. BWG Foods has focused its efforts on a range of initiatives to reduce their environmental impact including sourcing, lowering carbon emissions, reducing waste output, health and nutrition and social responsibility..

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