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BWG Foods’ Joanne Mellon honoured as a true industry hero


Joanne Mellon, BWG Foods’ Logistics Director, was one of a very exclusive group of honourees at the annual Fleet Transport Awards 2021 recently. This year the awards took a different direction, going virtual and along with it, honouring transport and logistics companies and people in service during the Covid-19 crisis.

Appointed Logistics Director with BWG Foods in 2016, Joanne was singled out for being one of the industry’s #StrengthInUnity Transport Heroes for her personal efforts in ensuring BWG’s supply chain operated seamlessly during the extraordinary crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Her expertise was particularly to the fore when the country was in lockdown. The service that BWG’s 1,000 plus strong retail family provides to their communities cannot be overstated and this was particularly relevant when we were all confined to our own homes and immediate localities.

During this time, it was imperative that our retailers stayed open and provided a safe shopping environment close to home for the one million customers served every day. Knowing that your local store is open for business with ready access to essential goods and services was an enormous comfort to the nation. By working closely with our 650+ suppliers to make sure stocks were plentiful and shelves remained stocked, under Joanne’s leadership, BWG’s sophisticated supply chain has been a game changer during this crisis.

It is Joanne’s responsibility to ensure that a calm head prevails in chaos and the Logistics team, under her guidance, ensured that BWG’s NDC 120-truck fleet remained on the road, covered more than 42,000 km every day and more than 600 deliveries on a daily basis. BWG Foods’ role as a community-based food wholesaler and retailer has never been more important and Joanne’s team in the National Distribution Centre (NDC) continues to work around the clock to meet demand to ensure shelves remained sufficiently stocked.


A company is only as strong as the people working there and everyone in BWG Foods is immensely proud of the honour bestowed on Joanne.

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