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SPAR and EUROSPAR launch new Own Brand campaign to highlight that great value is closer than you think

SPAR and EUROSPAR launch new Own Brand campaign to highlight that great value is closer than you think

Local community retail brands SPAR and EUROSPAR have launched an exciting new Advertising and Social Media campaign, following significant investment by BWG Foods, owners and operators of the brands in Ireland, which is designed to bring a fresh focus to the retailers’ already well-established value message.

The campaign is underpinned by the production of a new TV advert, which is supported by heavy digital and social media activity. The new campaign is called ‘Closer Than You Think’ and highlights how SPAR Range provides great value options for SPAR and EUROSPAR shoppers close to home.

The new SPAR Range TV campaign consists of a brand advert, featuring 30 seconds of scenes that playfully demonstrate SPAR Range products appearing ‘Closer Than You Think’. The novel campaign concept features customers getting up close and personal with SPAR Range products. In one scene a van driver backs into a giant pack of SPAR cookies, in another a woman is taken aback to find an oversized bag of SPAR Range pasta bulging in her kitchen door, while a third scene humorously witnesses a runner greeted abruptly mid-run by a giant bottle of SPAR vitamin water. 

Value will be further showcased through various price and item templates that will be used interchangeably throughout the year to deliver a great value message.

Shorter form creative elements will build campaign salience across social media and digital touchpoints, while cutdowns of the TV advert occupy significant presence within digital playlists on in-store digital screens.

The advert was created in conjunction with Publicis Dublin; produced by Andrew Freedman of Antidote; and directed by award winning director, Chris Balmond, whose previous work with SPAR includes the award winning 2023 campaign “SPAR Finding Christmas”.

The new advert can be viewed here:

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