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SPAR Better Choices is In Training …with Vogue

Vogue Williams presents a series of online videos for on women’s weight training, which will run online until 25th March

SPAR has announced its sponsorship of a new series of online videos entitled In Training…with Vogue presented by Vogue Williams, DJ and social influencer. In the videos, Vogue speaks to athletes, Jenni Murphy, Kat Fearon, Aisling Daly and Sophie Kavanagh about how weight training has helped them improve their overall fitness and receives tips from the athletes on weight training techniques.

The series of 12 videos will run on and through social channels from 15th January – 25th March 2018. The videos of between 1 – 2 minutes in length aim to celebrate strong women and in each video Vogue will meet with one of the athletes to learn some new skills and encourage consumers to get fit and tone up as well bringing a new type of messaging to the SPAR Better Choices campaign.

SPAR Better Choices offers customers a varied range of healthy and convenient options, from across the fresh food, deli and grocery ranges. The initiative also caters to customers with varying nutritional needs with low fat, high protein, and gluten free products on offer.

According to Anne Gallagher, SPAR marketing Manager, “SPAR is delighted to be sponsoring In Training…with Vogue. The overall idea behind this is that we want to link up healthy eating through our established SPAR Better Choices initiative and also introduce weight training inspiration to encourage women in particular to choose a positive alternative for their health and wellbeing.”

SPAR Better Choices has helped to redefine and revolutionise its offering over the past two years to customers across a range of over 250 products, whatever their health preferences may be, in response to changes in Irish consumers’ lifestyle choices. Eating on-the-go has traditionally meant a limited choice and little information available on nutritional content and SPAR launched SPAR Better Choices to ensure eating in a hurry doesn’t mean compromising on health.

About the Athletes:

Jenni Murphy is a World Champion bodybuilder and toned figure competitor, she is also a personal trainer and strength and condition coach

Kat Fearon is a European Crossfit competitor and coach, she was also a champion rower

Aisling Daly is a retired MMA professional, who climbed the ranks and achieved worldwide success in her field. She is now a personal strength and conditioning coach at a lift specific training studio.

Sophie Kavanagh is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach. She has worked with some of Ireland’s biggest CEO’s and also with top Irish models such as Thalia Heffernan, Holly Carpenter and Nadia Forde.

Episode 1: All over upper body strength

Episode 2: Fat burn with weights

Episode 3: Chest and Triceps

Episode 4: Isolated Abs

Episode 5: Partner workouts

Episode 6: Back and biceps

Episode 7: Full body dumbbell workout

Episode 8: Isolated Glutes

Episode 9:  All over lower body strength

Episode 10: Deadlifts

Episode 11: Back squats

Episode 12: Butt and thigh

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