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SPAR Retailer showcased on international stage

SPAR Retailer showcased on international stage

Croom and Padraig Broderick’s SPAR store were elevated to a global stage this week when his SPAR store was presented to 48 nations at the 65th annual SPAR International Congress in Amsterdam as a shining example of what is possible when innovative design is met with true community retailing ambition.

SPAR Croom has been serving the people of the picturesque town for more than 40 years with Padraig at the helm going on two decades. Padraig started his career in retail in 1992 before taking over ownership of Spar Croom in 2003. Providing employment to 44 people locally, SPAR Croom is at the very heart of the 1,250 people who live locally and perfectly encapsulates how retailers such as Padraig, and his staff, are the very life’s blood of the communities in which they are embedded.

SPAR Croom underwent its most recent revamp last year and is now an impressive 6,725 sq ft having added to the size of the store by moving into the old Ulster Bank building which was adjacent to the existing store. The other existing three buildings where the store sat are approximately 150 -200 years old so there was a substantial amount of structural work to be done in the process.

The new look store is fresh and modern with high ceilings, and they also added a craft bakery, revamped and expanded the deli to offer more fresh offerings, and enhanced the range of the meat counter to offer more oven-ready products. The store now features the latest SPAR design in store layout and flow and is a direct design response to the new SPAR Strategy, aptly named, ‘Better Together’. The flow and ambience from the dialling up of the SPAR colour palette is seamless and exudes a warmth to the store that was very well received when recently presented to the SPAR International Congress.

Commenting, Padraig said, “It is a very proud moment in the history of SPAR Croom to be featured on the international stage at this year’s SPAR International Congress. I am delighted with the changes to the flow of the store and, in particular, the off-licence and SPAR Deli sections. The benefits to our customers are also very evident as they can spend some time browsing and making their choice of what to purchase and this is really appealing to them. I’m truly delighted with the new layout and it is a real hit with our customers.”

As testament to SPAR Croom’s excellence, the store was honoured at the national ShelfLife C-Store Awards when presented with a Silver Medal. The C-Store Awards are the only comprehensive and independently judged business accolades for the convenience store sector.

Congratulating the Limerick store and Padraig, Colin Donnelly, SPAR Sales Director said: “Padraig Broderick and all the team in SPAR Croom are a tremendous example of retailing at its finest. SPAR Croom is an outstanding ambassador for SPAR and I am thrilled that the store has been recognised on the international stage by being highlighted at this year’s SPAR International Congress.”

The 65th International SPAR Congress is being held from 22-28 May in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In celebration of SPAR’s 90th anniversary, coming together in the country where Adriaan van Well founded the brand in 1932.



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